PhD Students

  • Οn going
  1. Apostolopoulou Aikaterini, MD MSc
    «The effect of potentially modifiable aggravating factors on the development of aging in a population of Central Macedonia: a prospective. A randomized clinical trial.»
    Initiation: 06. 2019
  2. Keskini Christina, MD MSc
    «Study of the correlation of diet with defecation syndrome and open angle glaucoma»
    Initiation: 01.2019
  3. Giannoulaki Parthena, BSc MSc
    «Investigation of the effect of Crocus sativus L. on the metabolic control of patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus»
    Initiation: 12.2018
  4. Bouras Emmanouil, BSc MSc
    «Investigation of biological mechanisms that link dietary factors to stomach cancer by applying meta-analysis of relevant studies»
    Initiation: 07.2018
  5. Fotiadou Elena, BSc MSc
    «Effect of the protein content of the interdisciplinary meal on the change in 24-hour blood pressure and hardened hemodialysis patients»
    Initiation: 06.2018

MSc Theses

  • On going
  1. Anifantis Thomas
    «Administration of parenteral and enteral nutrition to a regional hospital surgical clinic»
  2. Gkiagkidis Georgios
    «Nutrition and skin cancer: A systematic review»
  3. Daoula Euthimia
    «Dieting and nutrient intake records and estimation of obesity levels in students 6-14 years old»
  4. Paschalidou Aikaterini
    «Nutrition Assessment in Patients with Irreversible Liver Cirrhosis. The presence of malnutrition as a risk factor for the clinical outcome of the disease»
  5. Sgouridi Despoina
    «Investigation of aggravating factors for the development of complicated diverticulitis»
  • Past
  1. Pozoukidou Kalliopi
    «Recordings of eating habits of patients in Peritoneal Dialysis. Correlation with constipation»
  2. Tikos Lazaros
    «The impact of moderate alcohol consumption on cardiovascular risk in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)»
  3. Tikos Georgios 
    «The role of vitamin E in Greek patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease»
  4. Tranidou Antigoni
    «Correlation between abnormal lipidemic parameters at different stages of pregnancy in women with metabolic syndrome and its characteristics in relation to gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and pregnancy outcome»
  5. Pontikeri Kiriaki
    «Evaluation of breakfast cereal composition (RTEc) and the impact of marketing on childhood obesity in Greece according to the WHO / EUROPE NPM tool»
  6. Gkavopoulou Evgenia
    «Nutrition Management Practices in Patients with Serious and End-stage Dementia in Thessaloniki, 2015-2019»
  7. Karanikas Ioannis
    «Correlation of dietary status with inflammatory and respiratory function markers in patients with chronic respiratory pulmonary disease»
  8. Florou Panagiota
    «Systematic review and meta-analysis of the effect of coenzyme Q10 on ovarian response in infertile women undergoing assisted reproductive techniques»
  9. Kiriakopoulou Maria
    «Vitamin D and epigenetic modifications»
  10. Kosmidou Nikoleta
    «The Impact of Mediterranean Diet on the Outcome of Assisted Reproduction: A Systematic Review»
  11. Stogiannou Dimitrios
    «Chew a gum, move your gut? Can post-operative ileus after colorectal surgery be prevented by this simple approach? A systematic review with meta-analysis»
  12. Kalopitas Georgios
    «The impact of treatment with silymarin in patients with non alcoholic fatty liver disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis»
  13. Verleki Georgia
    «Informing patients diagnosed with malignant neoplasms about potential feeding problems from the disease and side effects from therapeutic intervention – impact on quality of life. A prospective clinical trial»
  14. Vadarlis Andreas
    «Vitamin E and your non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)»
  15. Grammatikopoulou Maria
    «Food insecurity and malnutrition among older adults»
  16. Zachou Christina
    «Epidemiological characteristics of obesity and treatment in Greece»
  17. Skoulikaritis Leonidas
    «Interactions of micronutrients and herbs with medicines»
  18. Kasapidou Eirini
    «Investigation of the relationship between the body mass index and the survival of patients of the survival of patients who have been hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit:Retrospective Study»
  19. Mylona Ioanna
    «The role of nutrition in open-angle primary glaucoma: case-control study» 
  20. Mykoniatis Ioannis
    «Effect of  hygiene-diet habits on the level of erectile function» 
  21. Mavrantoni Mirsini-Eleni
    «Recording supply and demand of diet products ion Primary Education. Cross-sectional study in urban complex of Thessaloniki»
  22. Karabasi Euthalia
    «Finding Risk Factors for Vascular Stroke: case-control study»
  23. Apostolopoulou Aikaterini
    «Systematic ‘umbrella’ review on the effect of glutamine administration in severely ill patients»